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Brexit: The tangle of red tape awaiting UK travellers to Europe

CaribbIN to beat BrEXIT. Update
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CaribbIN to beat BrEXIT. Update

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Another sunny day in the beachfront villa on the West Cost of Barbados and more news, from The Independent:

Brexit: The tangle of red tape awaiting UK travellers to Europe

“This could lead to the extraordinary situation where a traveller with over 10 years’ validity on their passport – for example one issued in the first week of September, valid to the first week in June 2029 – has to obtain a new passport with less validity.

For motorists, plans are being made for the issue of millions of archaic documents dating back up to 70 years to allow them to drive in the EU – whether they take their own car abroad, or rent one there. “

Are there any ways around these challenges? If you have some cash to spare, visa free travel to 100+ countries including the Schengen Zone is one of the reasons why some Caribbean passports via Caribbean Citizenship By Investment Programs are becoming increasingly popular. This is because from a further review of the 2018 Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index which was actually produced in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) who maintain the world’s largest database of travel information, it can be seen that the Russian passport is ranked 48th with visa free travel to 105 countries and further down the list is the Chinese passport ranked 87th with visa free travel to only 50 countries.   By securing one of these Caribbean passports through, say Dominica which is ranked above Russia at 34th on the list, allows to travel to 136 countries including those in the Schengen Zone without the continual hassle of applying for a visa.

The quest for a second passport has become increasingly popular and not just for the likes of Russian and Chinese nationals. The second passport acts as insurance in cases of political and economic instability, like Brexit, plus there may even be some tax planning benefits that, of course, need to be checked out very carefully. One individual we encountered of British descent who purchased a property in Barbados made the decision to pursue the second passport route and has been happily using his passport to travel within the Caribbean without restriction, driving using his Caribbean driving licence, and is anticipating that his passport will be really useful to beat the queues after Brexit!

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